Running Pacman on EFM32

Hack-a-Gecko day: 07. Oct. 2011

The task of this Hack-a-Gecko day was to port NoN-SeNS 1.6 (Pacman clone) for Windows to Giant Gecko EFM32GG-DK3750 development kit. Pacman is an arcade game which was very popular in 1980s. The original Pacman game looks like this:

In this Pacman project, Kit joystick and push buttons were used instead of keyboards. We also used Giant Gecko frame pointer control to implement scrolling over game area. All in all, we could make Pacman playable on Giant Gecko EFM32GG-DK3750 development kit though there was no game sound.  We can probably optimize speed of the game and add sound in the next Hack-a-Gecko day.

Want to play Pacman on your own? Try this:

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4 thoughts on “Running Pacman on EFM32

  1. Would the source code of this project ever by available? I would be nice to play pacman here too.

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