EFM32 and Sharp Memory LCD

Hack-a-Gecko day: 07. Oct. 2011 

Sharp’s Memory LCD technology provides high-resolution while having extremely low power consumption (15 µW).  The sharp memory is embedded in every pixel and operates from 3V to 5V.

Sharp Memory LCD

Using memory LCDs with EFM32 is a great way to to create energy efficient display applications.

The task of Hack-a-Gecko project was to evaluate the new Sharp Memory LCD technology.  What we first tried was to connect the LCD to the EFM32 using a prototyping board and then created a simple demo showcase with high resolution as shown below. We also created a simple animation demo showing the high updating frequency.

EFM32 Gecko

Original image of the Gecko.

Gecko on LCD

The Gecko found it’s place on the memory LCD

There are still some challenges we can do. The next tasks will be to design charge pump from 3v to 5v, measure currents by using Advanced Energy Monitoring (AEM) and have a power consumption demo. If you would like to know more about EFM32, please click here

For technical questions related to this project, please use our support forum. The Hack-a-Gecko team will answer your questions directly.

2 thoughts on “EFM32 and Sharp Memory LCD

  1. You could do away with the charge pump with the LS013B4DN04 listed on Sharp’s site, it consumes 6 µW and operates from 2.7 to 3.3 V and Mouser has it in stock.

  2. Hi Craig, great input! The EFM32 Hack-a-Gecko projects are not always 100% complete or even optimized for final production, so your comment is useful for further tests and improvements.

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