Mikro visited Energy Micro on Halloween!

Wednesday afternoon, 31st of October, a group of young people rang the doorbell of the Energy Micro office.  They did not ask for candy. But, what they got was much better.

The student organization Mikro from the University of Oslo was invited to a company presentation in the headquarters of Energy Micro. After the presentation of EFM32 products and Simplicity program by Lars and Marius, the group of students was taken on a tour around the office. They learned about the target calendar, the kit-o-meter and the lab. They also had a chance to see real project demonstrations, Hack-a-Gecko projects and the working places of brilliant minds.

Øyvind B., who was working late that evening, was hoping that Lars and Marius had brought the new night shift to the office. But the students had to move on. Together with a smiling gang of EM employees they defied the dark and heavy rain and threat of scary monsters outside, and walked down to Peppes Pizza where they ate pizza, laughed and chatted and had a very good time. Hopefully we’ll see some of them again this summer.

Interested in joining our team as a student?
Check out our internship program and what former interns think about working at Energy Micro HERE

You can also learn about microcontrollers and mcu applications at a beginner’s level through our University program HERE

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