Energy Micro Campus Tour: NTNU and Lund University

Marius, Lars, and Alf visited Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and Lund University to introduce Energy Micro and the summer internship program (deadline: 20th of November), which is designed for students in engineering majors, and with aspiration to experience real challenges.


The Energy Micro team first visited NTNU on 6th and 7th of November. After fighting heavy snow, the team was very pleased to be welcomed by a lecture hall full of students! The company presentation was not just a series of slides: the team demonstrated the energy harvesting kit which generates energy without using any battery, but only by alternative energy sources such as solar, thermoelectric, and vibrational energy.

Working at Energy Micro is not all about hard work: we have a lot of fun through various events such as team building weekend, New Year’s and summer parties, and various events on every salary day. As a summer student, the students will be invited for the summer party, salary day events, and students’ party exclusively for the students and their mentors.

The presentation was finished and the students seemed to be more interested in the company and the internship program. Our team stayed in the lecture room until they answered the last question.

In addition to company presentations, the team also gave guest lectures, both in minor level classes such as “Digital Design and Computer Fundamentals,” and more senior level classes such as “Energy Efficiency Computer Design.” Here, Marius explained how EFM32 microcontrollers make batteries last four times longer than other microcontrollers. He also revealed the 10 factors in reducing energy consumption without compromising performance, and demonstrated of our software tool, Simplicity Studio, which allows designers to measure the real-time energy consumption.

One week later, 15th of November, Lars and Alf headed out to Lund University for another company presentation. It was the first time that the Energy Micro team visited Lund University in Sweden so the team was a bit nervous and excited to meet new students. After a welcoming Lasagna, and a nice campus tour, the team presented to “E-“ and “F- sektionen.”

At Lund University

The students in Lund University seemed to be curious about the young company from Norway. It was only a short lunch-time presentation, but from the quiz answers the team seemingly managed to transfer the company mission: to make “The world’s most energy friendly microcontrollers and radios.”

Now the team is looking forward to hopefully receiving some summer intern applications (deadline: 20th of November) and meeting some of you again this summer!

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