Advent Calendar in the Oslo office

It is December and Christmas is coming. At the office in Oslo, we tried to get in the right mood. First, we made an Advent calendar of 2012 with 24 gift bags. Only 24 lucky employees will get to open these gifts.


On the first Monday of December, all the employees in Oslo together with the retired Erna joined the first opening of the Advent calendar. All employees were gathered for a lottery on the TV display. Kjell Eirik became the lucky one who opened the first bag from the calendar. It seems like he got enough chocolates until Christmas. We will open a bag every lunch time, so other employees just need to cross their fingers for the next time.



Besides the Advent calendar, the office is now full of Christmas decorations. Hanna brought some red candles and Christmas Poinsettias, and of course a white snowman to the office. We also got some Gecko Christmas balls that Krzysztof’s wife (Thank you, Anna!) made from the Polish office. We wish all the Energy Micro family to enjoy the last month of the year, and has a warm, pleasant, and grateful Christmas season.



Would you like to be a part of the Energy Micro family? Check  this page:

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