Design USB applications with the EFM32 MCU

USB interface

Many applications have a USB interface, and with the EFM32 Giant Gekco you can create energy friendly systems using the Gecko’s on-chip USB peripheral. The embedded software provider, SEGGER, just updated their emUSB device stack specifically for the EFM32 Giant Gecko development kit (EFM32GG-DK). The EFM32GG-DK consists of 32-bit Cortex-M3 processor running up to 48 MHz with 1 MB Flash memory, and the kit includes real-time energy monitoring and a built-in TFT display.

With the Giant Gecko’s USB features, designers can easily develop ultra-low power applications that have USB interface to a PC or similar devices. Depending on the target market, designs can be optimized for MSD (Mass Storage Device), Communication Device Class (CDC), or Human Interface Device (HID). MSD is typically used in memory systems, data loggers or applications that require field updates. HID makes it easy to control operation systems and is used for human interface devices like keyboards and mice. emUSB can be used with SEGGERs real-time operating system embOS or other supported RTOS.

You can find Energy Micro’s free USB stack library in Simplicity Studio, or commercial variants like the SEGGER emUSB device stack which is designed for any embedded system. More information about SEGGER USB is found here.


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