2012 Christmas donation to Aid in Action

Donation 2012

What gifts did you buy for your loved ones last Christmas? Silicon Labs (previously Energy Micro) decided to donate USD 7,000 to “Aid in Action” and the project of building a local business center in Gombolo, Kenya. The donation was raised by all employees who donated their share of money instead of receiving traditional Christmas gifts from the company.

Aid in Action is a voluntary organization founded by Anne Louise Hübert, at the time a 19 year old Norwegian girl, who was inspired to help people in Kenya. Since then, the organization has engaged in various educational and economic development projects in Africa. Silicon Labs appreciated the sustainable way of helping people, and joined the organization as a corporate supporter in 2011. Building a local business center in Kenya is the main project that we support, and last year’s Christmas gift was used to build two greenhouses.


The business center project is aimed to develop local economy and increase the local’s ability to operate by themselves. The business center will coordinate all ongoing projects in the village and people will get help to sell their fruits and vegetables in bigger markets. In addition, the center will be the place to provide knowledge like IT and agricultural courses, which will help build a skilled workforce for the future.

Anne explained to us why this project is so important to the local economy in Gombolo: “A lot of Africans are small scale farmers, and this business center will help them to process, pack, brand, and sell their products. We will also use the center for different products such as eggs, bread, baskets, and school uniforms which will generate income to run a children center and other social projects in the area.”

The donation from Silicon Labs will be used to install solar panels at the business center this year. Aid in Action plans to complete the first phase of the development center within March 2013.


Read Anne’s full story from Kenya here: http://anneblogger.no/we-are-making-cash/

Visit Aid in Action and support their work here: http://aidinaction.com/en/

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