The Giant Gecko visits EEVblog

Last year Energy Micro´s CTO visited the Amp Hour, and one of the hosts, Dave, also runs the famous EEVblog. In one of his recent shows, Dave opened a package we sent him a while back. In addition to some cool Gecko effects (chewing gums, the notable Gecko bottle opener, and of course the all-time standard give away – the EM pen ). But the main thing this time: the EFM32 Giant Gecko starter kit paired with a super contrast Sharp Memory LCD.

Both the kit and the memory LCD were actually used for the last Hack-a-Gecko project, “A super slim EFM32 wristwatch,” implemented by Anders and Adam. In the project, the challenge was to make an ultra thin watch and achieving very low power consumption. The slim watch was designed in an unusual way by fitting components inside PCB to reduce all the unnecessary supplements. They reached the target, and created a slim watch using between 5 uA and 14 uA. You can find the full procedure for this project here.

Dave said that “The LCD contrast is beautiful. And, I think they are impressive, especially for the power consumption.”  In return, the Hack-a-Gecko team made a short demo video showing how it actually works with capacitive touch sensor on the EFM32 starter kit.

Find more about EFM32 Giant Gecko MCUs and get your own, free samples


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