Introducing Our New Band, The Micro Band!

Micro band yeah

Energy Micro has a New Year’s party every year in the middle of January. The New Year’s party happened as usual but this time we could enjoy cheerful music from our new band, The Micro Band. The Micro Band is the official band of Energy Micro, consisting of six members: Øyvind (Guitar), Torkil (Vocal), Hanna (Vocal), Tom (Drum), Arthur (Bass) and Viggo (Guitar). The members practiced in Torkil’s basement from time to time until the party. The New Year’s party was set for their debut stage in front of all the Energy Micro family members.

Right before the performance, the band seemed a bit nervous but they soon started to enjoy the situation after tuning up their instruments and a couple of beers. All the audiences entered the room next to the restaurant where they just had dinner. The band opened the performance with “Energy Micro” song which became the official song of the company. Øyvind and Torkil used to sing this song before, but this time it sounded even better with the voice of Hanna, who just joined the band as the only female member, well harmonized with others.

The band played a song about Geir, the CEO of Energy Micro, called “Faith in Geir,” and showed how much we need him to grow the company. The band also arranged famous old songs like “Does your mother know” to the new version, “Does the Lizard Know.”

It was a great opportunity for the band to show off their hidden talents, and also pleasant time for the audiences to enjoy good music with their co-workers. The vocalist, Torkil, said that the band will meet the audience in 2013 with more new songs, and his only wish for the band is to have fun and make fun. The band’s next performance will be held in our legendary summer party!

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One thought on “Introducing Our New Band, The Micro Band!

  1. This is really the second posting, of your blog I read through.
    But yet I personally love this one, “Introducing Our New Band, The Micro Band!
    | Official Blog of Energy Micro” the best. All the best

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