The ultra low power (ULP) working group at EEMBC starts energy efficiency benchmark

EEMBC and Energy Micro

Energy Micro has joined the ULP (Ultra-Low Power) working group at EEMBC (Embedded Microprocessor Benchmark Consortium), a non-profit industry association developing embedded benchmark software to help system designers in the process of selecting  microcontrollers and microprocessors. The ULP working group was created to undertake an industry standard for measuring power consumption of existing ultra-low power microcontrollers. Although more and more semiconductor vendors claim the lowest power consumption, no standard criterias have been developed for evaluating actual energy efficiency across devices. Different reference points easily cause confusion when comparing MCUs for low energy applications requiring years of battery lifetime.

To avoid inconsistent comparison, EEMBC founded the ULP working group, which is comprised of the leading low-power MCU companies such as Energy Micro. Markus Levy, the President of EEMBC, said that the ULP working group will benefit from Energy Micro’s  energy monitoring software tools like the energyAwere Profiler, and microcontroller features such as autonomous peripherals, energy modes, and wake-up time for establishing an unbiased benchmark. EEMBC expects that the ULP team can help application designers save time and reduce risks when developing low energy applications such as portable medical devices, security systems, building automation, and smart metering. Read More here.

Find out more about EEMBC’s latest benchmarks and membership programs here:

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