Behind the Scenes at the Office

Spending time at work is not just about working. We meet new people, join various internal events, share challenging and pleasant moments with others. It is all about making memories of your life and sharing them with others. We also had some memorable moments last month while making revolutionary products at Energy Micro.


First, Anders got a special prize from the marketing team as the best contributor of the year. The prize was the popular Gangnam Style t-shirt written “Gangnam Style” in Korean. It was nice to see his Gangnam style horse dance in the office.


We had another winner for a different award. Mads won the EFM32 Gecko support award and became “Lizard of the Year.” The awesome prizes included 5 full Leisure Suit Larry games, a trophy, and most importantly: never fading glory!


Rasmus found a very energy friendly transport for customer meetings. You have everything you need in this small vehicle. Go Samsonite!


A great application note is not written in a day. Documenting a new design winning product from China is always exciting. No doubt that our Gecko is doing well overseas.


The digital design team goes hardcore. Extreme programming of the new EFM32 products…


Wondering even more what it’s like working at Energy Micro? We upload our work lives on our Facebook page regularly. Check out the page and get to know more about our team and the company.

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