2012 Energy Micro MCU Design Contest Winners

Forum contest2

As you might recall, Energy Micro launched the Lizard Lounge community and had the first MCU design contest last year. The winners of the design contests were announced yesterday, and there were many interesting, smart and energy friendly ideas among the submissions. After the initial round, the participants had to show if they could implement their ideas into real-world demos. The jury was impressed by the energy friendliness of the projects and the fit between the EFM32 microcontrollers and the final demos. It has been a long journey for all participants and now it’s time to take a look at their projects!

The 1st prize winner: Long-term wildlife monitoring using wireless sensor networks 


Watch a short presentation of this project here.

The first prize team designed a wireless monitoring which is useful to check animal’s movement patterns and behaviors. They set the goal of tracking the activities of 50 wild horses and wirelessly monitor them for one month. Although it was not easy to keep nodes attached to the horses, the team was able to get up to 24 000 readings per horse. The team completed the mission of keeping the low power sleep mode and precise radio timing by using the EFM32 on-chip LETimer. The jury appreciated that they conducted this project in the field and made a well-designed prototype of the wildlife monitoring.  See the full project

The 2nd prize winner: Equine Health Monitor 

Another health monitoring project also used horses as test subjects. The purpose of the project was to provide convenience for the horse owners so they can easily monitor vital signs of their animals. In order to get more correct information from the monitoring device, the team utilized various features such as temperature, heart rate, and acceleration sensors which are useful to check health condition. Although they met some unexpected challenges while designing the wireless communication module, the jury was impressed by the team’s effort to maximize the sleep mode and the thorough documentation work. See the full project

The 3rd prize winner: Specialty Programmable Calculator for Vertical Market Applications  

The third prize team believes that still there is the need for programmable calculators for some applications where portability and durability are important. And so do we! The team’s challenge was to achieve both higher computing performance and longer battery life than traditional programmable calculators. The team has used various low energy peripherals found in the EFM32 Giant Gecko microcontroller, and illustrates how each function is used to increase energy efficiency. The jury valued the deep understanding of the EFM32 features and the decisions they made to reduce energy consumption. See the full project

EFM32 Design Contest Summary

The 2012 EFM32 Design Contest is finished. But you can find all design submissions and comment on participants’ hard work here. Lastly, Energy Micro would like to say “Thank You” to all participants. It was a great pleasure to see your projects. We hope to see all the participants again with more interesting projects via our forum. Also, don’t hesitate to ask us any technical questions on the forum. Our support team will help you. We support your energy friendly ideas 🙂

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