#EFM32howto 2. Low power and smart systems for home remote controls


 “People have become very familiar with smartphone-style interfaces that use graphic icons and touch screens. In the Integra remote control we’ve used the EFM32 microcontroller to be able to produce a very easy-to-use, attractive remote control that offers great flexibility and longevity.”

– Bjarne Ravndal Andreasen, R&D manager at VELUX – 

In the world of intelligent electronics, consumers are accustomed to using their smartphones and other “smart” devices on a daily basis. Home remote controls are also increasing in performance, and are generally used for automating and controlling home appliances such as security locks, lighting, heating, and entertainment systems. As users expect to control all the home appliances with only smartphones, or maximum one remote control, it is a challenge for embedded designers to provide sophisticated processing power with the durability and battery lifetime that satisfies today’s savvy customers.

The EFM32 microcontrollers have peripheral functions that are designed to achieve the combination of high performance and very low power consumption. LESENSE (Low Energy Sensor Interface) is one of the EFM32 microcontroller features which autonomously monitors and evaluates up to 16 external analog sensors (e.g. temperature, touch, light, proximity…) while the MCU is in deep sleep mode. For example, a generic MCU needs the CPU to wake up to evaluate its sensors at specific frequency. With the LESENSE, the MCU monitors these sensors without using the CPU and only wake up if the correct conditons are met. This is the most energy efficient way to interact with external sensors.

Watch how LESENSE works here.

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