Lizard Labs 3. Measuring power consumption with energyAware Profiler

Lizard Labs is a new online training program provided by Energy Micro. The purpose of Lizard Labs is for EFM32 users to get started with EFM32 microcontrollers and learn about some of the main EFM32 features that the users can take advantage of. Each training module covers a specific topic, and the modules are divided into levels. A higher level module may assume that the viewer is already familiar with the topics in the lower levels. Visit our Lizard Labs page for more information.

This lecture introduces the energyAware Profiler and Advanced Energy Monitoring. In this module you will learn how to use the Energy Micro tools to measure the power consumption of your application. The profiler is installed through Simplicity Studio.

Want to download this lecture in PPT? Please visit here.
Download Simplicity Studio to try energyAware Profiler here.

Do you have any questions? Feel free to ask any technical questions on our forum here.

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