Future Female Engineers visit Energy Micro


Last Wednesday, we had special visitors from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) at the Energy Micro office in Oslo. The twenty eight female students were from the girl project, Ada, which was established with the aim to recruit more female engineering students and help them complete their studies through various academic and social events. The Energy Micro team was excited to have the future female engineers in the office, and had prepared a small tour to introduce the company and the EFM32 microcontrollers.


The first tour was a talk with the CEO. Our CEO, Geir Førre, explained how he founded the company five years ago with ambitions of providing the most energy friendly microcontrollers and radios. He also mentioned how he was when he was a student at NTNU in Trondheim, Norway.


Geir showed the students the Energy Micro five year anniversary video to help them picture how the company was formed, developed, and expanded. The students seemed to be interested in the short history of the company in the video. It’s always nice to have something to watch rather than just listening to the story 😉


After talking with the CEO, the students took a tour at different work stations. In the first session, our project manager, Lars, displayed a wafer and explained how microcontrollers are designed, manufactured, and sold to customers worldwide.


Kristian, one of the RF test designer, talked about characterization bench testing. Here the visitors could see how a chip reacts to temperature and supply voltage changes. He mentioned that the task as a production test developer is to optimize the test to reduce time and cost of production.


Making a great microcontroller is not accomplished without well-designed software tools. The students learned about Energy Micro’s software suite, – Simplicity Studio, from Marius, our software manager. They learned how the Simplicity Studio is composed, how it supplements other hardware tools, and what benefits engineers can get by using this tool.


Finally, the students could see a variety of real applications based on different EFM32 microcontroller families. They were interested in seeing how the small microcontrollers are used in electronic devices that they can see everyday in real life.


Visiting a company is not just all about learning; it is also about socializing and networking with professional engineers. After the work station presentations, all the students and some of Energy Micro employees, including our VP of Engineering, Eirik Jørgensen, moved to a nearby pizza place. While having a dinner together, students could ask many questions to our engineers. Some wondered about their future careers while others were more curious about the working environment and social activities at Energy Micro. The Energy Micro employees shared their experiences from when they were students and when they started to work as engineers.

Some of the feedback we got from the Ada visitors was that it was nice to see the whole working process and learn about microcontrollers at a real company. The students said that they especially liked to talk with the Energy Micro engineers, so that they could ask more questions about their working lives. The Energy Micro team hopes this trip was helpful for the students to understand the microcontroller industry and inspired them of how cool it is to be female engineers in the future! 🙂

Want to check out Energy Micro’s student programs? Visit our career page here.

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