ARM, Energy Micro to work together for training the next generation of engineers

Imagine that you take your electronic engineering course with the EFM32 STKs and learn about the actual microcontrollers and design tools in your class. Energy Micro joined ARM’s university education program as a partner to increase resources for training the next generation of engineers.


Energy Micro, a company specialising in energy friendly microcontrollers and radio, has been selected by ARM® to help extend its long-running university program through a focus on the ARM Cortex®-M series processors. ARM has chosen Energy Micro to be one of its first partners in this new initiative in recognition of Energy Micro’s strong commitment to the ARM Cortex architecture and the training, tools and support it already offers to its customers.

The ARM University Program encourages the use of ARM processors in electronic engineering and related university courses where students can benefit from ARM’s IP and development systems. “The ARM University Program is pleased to be collaborating with Energy Micro to help aspiring engineers become familiar with the ARM architecture,” said Khaled Benkrid, Manager, Worldwide University Program, ARM. “The program makes the latest ARM Cortex processor technology available to partner institutions and shares a variety of excellent teaching materials and development tools. We want students to design the next generation of innovative low power devices for our increasingly connected world.”

ARM’s Will Tu talking about the university education program at Design West 2013

Alf-Egil Bogen, Chief Marketing Officer at Energy Micro commented, “Our investment in training and teaching materials is one of the key reasons ARM has chosen to work with Energy Micro. Our latest initiative, ‘Lizard Labs’, is an online training resource that provides a series of short on-demand video modules to make it even easier for users to get to grips with our products and development tools. This complements the existing University Program and the How-to Guides, FAQs, and User Forum that are part of our ‘Lizard Lounge’ technical support facility.”

In developing its EFM32 series microcontrollers, based around ARM Cortex-M processor cores and with a particular emphasis on low-energy solutions, Energy Micro has long realised the value of supporting these products with competent development tools and providing training for users. Its innovative ‘Simplicity Studio’ ensures designers always have access to the latest documentation, firmware and software to use in conjunction with its comprehensive range of hardware evaluation platforms and development kits, while its free energyAware tools address the challenges of modelling ultra-low power applications.

The ARM University Program provides its training material and software tools, including the Keil MDK-ARM (Micro-controller Development Kit) Software Tools, free of charge to qualifying institutions to support teaching, laboratory work and educational research projects. Faculty requests for these materials should be addressed to

This partnership with Energy Micro will add to the resources available and includes the EFM32 Gecko design tools and development kits. Complete bundles, containing 10 EFM32 Starter Kits, are being offered to academic institutions at a special price of $399.

These bundles can be ordered from Energy Micro’s teaching materials for the EFM32 kits can also be downloaded from this link.

Learn more about the university education program on slides

Visit Energy Micro’s university page for students and teachers here

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