#EFM32howto 5. Designing wearable sports and fitness devices with multiple-functions


“Our adaptive algorithm, which accounts for the effects of workload, micro bubbles and temperature for every dive, is more advanced basic time/pressure based diving algorithms. However, the added complexity requires extreme calculation power and energy efficiency that only Energy Micro’s 32-bit MCUs can provide.”

– Reima Holopainen, R&D Manager of UWATEC AG –

Do you think high functional sports and fitness devices are only for sports professionals and gym rats? Probably not according to ABI research’s study on wearable sports and fitness devices which are expected to reach 90 million shipments in 2017. As today’s consumers are accustomed to use smart phone interface in their electronic goods, there is no doubt that more vendors will join the wearable sports market with high-end solutions. In order to attract smart customers and get differentiated from other competitors, there are three key requirements: a wirelessly connected solution, multiple functions specialized in a specific market, and the longest battery life.

The 32-bit EFM32 series handle required algorithms in a much shorter time than 8 bit MCUs as tasks are executed with fewer clock cycles which dramatically reduce the active period. In addition to the longer sleeping time, external connectivity via Ethernet, USB, and CAN and efficient real-time operations allow developers to design their smart portable electronics with higher functionality and a wide range of options. With the ARM Cortex-M3 and M4 cores, the EFM32 microcontrollers can perform a large number of mathematical operations quickly and simultaneously provide the lowest active and standby power consumption.

Watch how the EFM32 Gecko works on the SCUBAPRO-UWATEC Meridian dive computer

Download a relevant white paper: EFM32 Introduction

Learn more about the 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3, M4 microcontrollers

Read the case-study: How the EFM32 Gecko MCU helped the SCUBAPRO-UWATEC Meridian dive computer become a low-power sophisticated dive computer

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