Join Free Energy Harvesting Seminars across Europe

EH seminars

As low power electronics improve, the need to lower a systems energy consumption has resulted in a new generation of energy sources for embedded applications. The idea is to generate electrical current by harvesting ambient energy already present in the applications environment. Generating electrical current from sustainable energy sources is certainly not a new invention, and wind and water turbines are examples that have been used for this purpose for a long time. With the latest generation of energy harvesters, the form factor and efficiency is now suitable for powering small embedded and standalone devices.

To help expand the knowledge of energy harvesting and share useful tips for its implementation, Würth Elektronik, Linear Technology, Energy Micro and Farnell element14 are hosting free energy harvesting seminars from June 25th. During the seminar you will learn from a team of experienced application engineers covering everything from introduction to energy harvesting, real demonstrations with various energy sources (solar, electro-magnetic, thermo, piezo generators), and a deep-dive into the Energy Harvesting To Go kit.

The seminars will be held across Europe until the end of 2013 and more information can be found on the element14 homepage here.

Watch this video to take a glimpse of the seminar:

Download a relevant application note: Using EFM32 in Energy Harvesting applications

Check out inspiring energy harvesting projects at element 14.

Learn more about Energy Harvesting To Go kit.

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