Energy Micro joins Silicon Labs [incl. video]


It is June 7th 2013, and the two CEOs from Energy Micro and Silicon Labs have just signed the contract where Energy Micro will be a part of Silicon Labs. A typical half sun, half cloud Norwegian summer day on the roof of Energy Micro’s headquarters in Oslo, Norway, Geir Førre (CEO of Energy Micro) and Tyson Tuttle (CEO of Silicon Labs) walked into the ceremony together. Geir wished everybody welcome with these words:

“Welcome everyone… It’s a big day. We’re getting into the Energy Micro 2.0 phase, which is to join forces with a great company, Silicon Laboratories.”

Tyson added,

“I’m very much looking forward to welcoming the Energy Micro team to Silicon Labs. We have a long history making our signal RF but also find an appreciation for what you have accomplished here in a short amount of time, building the portfolio and building the sales and the attractions you have gotten in the market.”

Watch the official signing ceremony:

As a symbol of unity of the two companies, Geir gave Tyson a gift, the symbol of the EFM32 Gecko, but with Silicon Labs colors on it. To capture this historical moment, we interviewed the CEOs, and co-founders of Energy Micro, right after the signing. So stay tuned, next week you will find all the interviews and behind the scenes material here on the blog!

Read the press release here.

Check out the blog of Alf Bogen, CMO of Energy Micro, to see his view on this acquisition here.

4 thoughts on “Energy Micro joins Silicon Labs [incl. video]

  1. Mmmmm, is a hostile buy?, the energy micro products will still being produced?.
    What if Silabs decide to discontinue products of energy micro to favor their own lines?.
    What about the developer tools? (compiler, IDE, boards…)
    I like the people of energy micro and they offer very nice products. I don’t know much about Silabs.
    I guess we will have to wait to see if this is a developer-friendly move or a corporate move to eliminate competitors.

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