2013 Team Building Weekend with Silicon Labs

Before we share the interviews with Geir (CEO of Energy Micro), Tyson (CEO of Silicon Labs), and some behind the scenes of the official signing ceremony, we would like to show you how the acquisition was delivered to the Energy Micro family, and how we spent the 2013 Team Building Weekend with the Silicon Labs management team.


Geir shares memories and visions for the future.

It was on a Friday morning when the team was ready for the annual team building weekend. Before the journey, Geir talked to all the employees. He started by mentioning some good memories of the last five years with the Energy Micro company, EFM32 products and the most energetic team he has worked with. Then, after a short silence, he announced that Energy Micro would be acquired by an American company which has similar products, culture, and vision; Silicon Labs.


Geir and Tyson introducing the agreement between Energy Micro and Silicon Labs.

Geir explained that the decision was made to help reach our initial hairy goal – providing the world’s most energy friendly microcontrollers and radios. He added that this was a friendly acquisition which would be beneficial for both the design teams and the customers waiting for better energy efficient embedded solutions.

After his speech, a guest came into the office and introduced himself. It was Tyson Tuttle, CEO of Silicon Labs. He said that Silicon Labs welcomes the Energy Micro team on board and that Silicon Labs has the ambition to grow Energy Micro as its new design center specialized in Energy Friendly Microcontrollers and Radios. He added that Geir would continue to lead the team in Oslo as VP and General Manager of this new business unit.


On our way to Åsgårdstrand.

After this, the team set off for a secret place for the weekend, with a new boss and the Silicon Labs management team. It has been our tradition not to be told about the destination for the team building weekend until we arrive at the location. We took a bus from Oslo to Moss and then continued the journey with a big boat to the final place, Åsgårdstrand.


Torkil and Øyvind getting ready for race day.

The team was lucky enough to have good weather during the weekend and could enjoy the outdoor activities in groups. Each group raced against one another with their handmade wooden cars.  Different ideas and strategies were discussed to be the fastest and win the friendly competition.


Matthias and Tyson works as the F1 engine.

Tyson joined the race with his group, running fast and pushing the car that they had assembled. With a track filled with obstacles, some people fell out of the cars and crashed with each other, but finally all groups were able to finish the race without severe injuries.


Planning the future.

The team building weekend is also about making a strategic decision for the future of the two companies. This year’s topic included what we should prioritize in next 90 days after acquisition. Each group comprised of the Energy Micro and the Silicon Labs teams shared ideas about not only product-related issues but also organizational challenges.


The darkness came over Åsgårdstrand but the team was still in Energy Mode 0. We talked, sang, and danced until the sun rose.


Team building all day and night.

Although a long weekend, with big news and a new situation for some of the team members, we appreciate the chance to meet and greet, to discuss the future no matter where we are from, what we do, and when we joined the team. In the next few months, the Energy Micro team will work closely with the Silicon Labs team to share strengths and opportunities. We believe that the transition will turn out to be a great benefit for both the organization and especially our customers who trust us to deliver the best embedded solutions.


The energized team

And, this song on the video is the gift from Tyson who updated the lyrics of Don’t worry, be happy Check this out!

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