Behind the scenes of the acquisition: CEO interviews

What did really happen on June 7th? Today we present some clips and behind the scenes video from the official signing ceremony for Silicon Labs’s acquisition of Energy Micro. In the videos below, you can find interviews with Tyson Tuttle, the CEO of Silicon Labs, Geir Førre, the CEO of Energy Micro, and Torleif Ahlsand, former Chairman of Energy Micro. As you can see we have some charismatic leaders, and we think the teams have the same spirit and energy that will make the merge a win-win situation for both companies.

Let’s begin with Tyson’s video interviewed by Jacob Schultz, a journalist at the Norwegian newspaper Dagens Næringsliv. Tyson talks about how Silicon Labs first got to know about Energy Micro, how the collaboration started, and the reason why Silicon Labs will have its first business unit outside Austin, Texas, in Oslo.

The next video contains an interview with Energy Micro’s CEO, Geir, who has twice sold a Norwegian company to a Texas based American company. He first talks about his first company, Chipcon, and how Energy Micro’s business situation is different from Chipcon’s in terms of competition, strategy, and market. He also tells us the factors leading to his success as an entrepreneur in Norway and his ambition to grow Energy Micro to a global company as a part of Silicon Labs.

Torleif, who has been the Chairman of Energy Micro since 2010, congratulates the two companies with the transaction and thanks the Energy Micro team for the exciting journey during the last years.

And as always, the Energy Micro team made a special song for the event (it’s a tradition). We “improve” existing classics with our own lyrics. Enjoy…

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Play Video


Do you have questions around the acquisition? Check out this page to learn more:

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