We are officially part of Silicon Labs

As announced via press releases, our homepage, and blog – Energy Micro was officially acquired by Silicon Labs on July 1st. And now the Energy Micro team and the Silicon Labs team are working together to make a smooth transition and to turn this into new opportunities. The Energy Micro team will continue to develop energy efficient and low power microcontroller and radio solutions from Oslo, Norway, as a business unit of Silicon Labs. Read more about the acquisition here. Visit the blog regularly for news, behind the scenes and daily office life, and of course new and exiting products and tools.

Let’s look around the office first to see what has been changed after the acquisition.


We set up banner stands at the entrance to show that we are part of the Silicon Labs team. Welcome to Silicon Labs’ Energy Micro office!


Our Senior Project Manager, Knut

It is important to have a new profile picture when you join the new company. All the Oslo employees had their new profile pictures taken with the official Silicon Labs background.


Magnus and Gabor, IT gurus

Magnus, our IT manager, is working with Gabor from Silicon Labs to finalize system integration between the Austin office and the Oslo office. Some of Silicon Labs managers from different departments have already visited the Oslo office to meet and talk with the employees in person, and make a plan for short-term and long-term goals.

As you can see, there has not been any big changes in the office and we are still the same team in Oslo. We appreciate that we are now part of Silicon Lab’s experience and resources as a result of this acquisition, and promise to keep innovating energy-friendly embedded solutions for the Internet of Things, smart energy, and portable electronics markets.

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