Low Power Solution for the Internet of Things with ARM Cortex-M4


Some buzzwords are sizzling hot at the moment and show up in nearly any semiconductor press release, blog or announcement. Terms like IoT, smart sensors, smart grid and smart energy infrastructure, share some common challenges; they are all demanding energy-efficient processing and wireless connectivity technology.

With the growing prevalence of the use of smart phones and wireless electronics, the Internet of Things (IoT) has aroused great interest as part of a new lifestyle. You can control the window blinds remotely, easily manage and track your health status, have your running shoes transmitted sensor data directly to the web, and check the children’s location on your smart phone. The personal metrics society where people measure everything they do is no longer a fiction (look at all the watches, bracelets and apps available). And as Dr. John Barrett said in his TED talk, IoT is not a future model, but it’s happening now around us. If you, as an engineer, are working on embedded systems, how does the IoT affect you?

Blog_questionIt is not only important for you to understand how the IoT works, but also how it’s possible to actually design and enable a world where devices are always interconnected and have limited power sources. And we, as the most energy efficient MCU and RF provider, can help by providing development tools and components that consume as little energy as possible without losing quality of processing power.

To provide the most advanced high-performance MCU while keeping high energy efficiency, we introduced the 32-bit Wonder Gecko MCU family this year. The Wonder Gecko was the first EFM32 family using the ARM Cortex-M4 CPU. The Cortex-M4 is the most powerful in the Cortex-M series, with superior features like floating-point unit (FPU) and DSP instruction set. These features allow you to drastically reduce data processing time, which in turn means that applications can stay in sleep modes longer. Energy modes are the the most energy efficient place to be for IoT and smart systems!

In addition to autonomous features, we prepared a host of free software tools for you – all available in Simplicity Studio, where you can easily access the Advanced Energy Monitoring (AEM) tools, the relevant documentation, and software/source code libraries. The software part is potentially more important than the hardware when it comes to energy efficiency, and we made it easy for you to debug this part of the system.

Watch this short video to understand the Wonder Gecko features:

So as an engineer, it is vital to consider how energy efficiency will affect a product already from the start. This will give better products and importantly, help you differentiate them, as well as shortening the time to market which (most likely an equally important part for you and your company). To help develop applications that are superior to your competition, we provide a complete chain for energy efficient design, from free software suite, development kits with energy monitors, and MCUs with the latest in low power operation and peripherals technology. If you want to be able to use the buzzwords as well, and create applications for the Internet of Things, there is no way around the Wonder Gecko development kits found here http://campaigns.energymicro.com/cortex-m4-kit/

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