2013 Internship for Future Gecko Engineers

summer students

July might be a month of lazy vacation days for many of us, but at Energy Micro we had 16 students who choose to spend their summer days with us instead. They are engineering students from all over the world who are eager to learn and get real world practice during their internship. For six weeks, the students have learned useful skills and methods from their mentors while working in different departments – Analog, Digital, IT, Support, Software, Tools, and Marketing. This year’s internship was special as the students worked for two companies, both Energy Micro and Silicon Labs (Haven’t you heard the news yet? Read it here.)

You might wonder how a bunch of students may contribute during a few weeks of internship. So, we interviewed five students, Aksel, Agnes, Bogdan, Mira, and Fredrik to learn about their projects this summer. Aksel has worked on updating the energyAware Designer so customers can easily generate a project. Agnes had to learn Java script to complete a product selector that you can test here. Both Bogdan and Mira worked on testing modules and designing layouts for upcoming products, and the Tools team gave Fredrik the mission of standardising the Gecko starter kits.

Watch the video and meet our summer interns:

We try to give everyone, including our students, challenging and exciting projects. During an internship you will learn a lot in a short period of time. You will experience real business situations, learn from experienced engineers, and enjoy social events with other students from different universities, cities, and countries. If you want to spend a memorable summer with us, check out our student page here. Who knows, we might work together in Oslo next summer 😉

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