The Story of The Energy Micro Family – Muhammad Ali

Ali_AArgaardstrand  On the way to Åsgårdstrand 

Country of Origin



European Masters in Embedded Computing Systems, (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway; and University of Southampton, UK) (2010-2012)

National University of Sciences and Technology, Pakistan, BE Electrical (Telecommunication Engineering) (2005-2009)

Current Job Position

Design Engineer (2012 – present) at Silicon Labs in Oslo, Norway

How did you get a job in Norway?

During my Master’s studies at Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), we used to get a lot of visits from major semiconductor companies. Thanks to the company visits, I could get a very good picture of the semiconductor market in Norway. Among many other companies, Energy Micro (now Silicon Labs) stood out for me because of their very bold but true claim of producing the world’s most energy friendly microcontrollers. They introduced the microcontrollers to the market in a very short span of time as well which was and still is quite extraordinary. Also, the founders and a lot of other people working there were from NTNU, which was an extra motivating factor for me. I applied for an open position after graduation and got a job offer after a lengthy selection procedure.

What is it like living in Norway?

Living in Norway has been an amazing experience for me. Winter was a bit tough initially but a bit of sledging and cross country skiing brought back the smiles. I really like the weather in Oslo when it is the middle of summer. You can explore a variety of places in Oslo to go out for a walk or a hike. Lakes, lush green parks, dense forests, and a beautiful fjord; Oslo has them all. Compared to other cities in Europe, life in Oslo runs at a comfortable pace. Especially having a lot of Pakistani shops in the city is a big plus for me and makes me feel like being in my home country 🙂

Can you tell me about your job and current projects you are working on?

I am currently working on the EFR (Energy Friendly Radio) project as a Design Engineer. My job involves designing digital modules. I also make tests for some of the new modules and modify existing tests to incorporate and verify new features. All of these tasks are full of challenges and our managers make sure they keep on coming!

Are there any memorable events while working at Energy Micro?

The most memorable company event so far was definitely the team building weekend in Åsgårdstrand. It’s a Beautiful place with a lot of fun stuff to do like self made go-kart racing. Our team didn’t win the race but we did get the prize for the most beautiful kart. Sledging with some of my colleagues at Korketrekkeren is not far behind and it would also be unfair not to mention my participation in the Holmenkollen Relay where we beat the TI team in Norway 😉

Did you have any big challenges in your career?

I cannot pinpoint a big challenge in my short professional career, but every working day brings its own new challenge. That is what makes it so cool to work at Silicon Labs because I feel like learning new stuff everyday.

How do you picture yourself 10 years from now?

It is hard to say but it’s always nice to think about making more significant contributions in the development of our products. Other than that, getting married, becoming an expert photographer and visiting a whole lot of new places would be nice as well (top priority given to K2 basecamp at Concordia, Pakistan) 🙂

Want to join the highly skilled and enthusiastic team?

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