CMOS+MEMS oscillator outperforms two-die solutions

A monolithic CMEMS oscillator can eliminate many of the disadvantages of two-die solutions 

CMEMS_numbersCMEMS is a combination of two words, CMOS and MEMS, and provides an integrated single-chip solution allowing direct post-processing of high-quality MEMS layers on the top of advanced RF/mixed-signal CMOS technology. The two-die approach which is typical on the market causes additional cost and complexity to the design as it requires wire bonding between the resonator die and the oscillator die. As Michael Petrowski, VP and General Manager of Silicon Labs’ timing solutions, mentioned in his recent article Transform Traditional Frequency Control with CMOS+MEMS Integration, there is still further room to improve existing oscillator solutions.

The fully-integrated CMEMS solution enables many benefits including:

  • Guaranteed 10 year operating time

    : 100% silicon CMEMS devices are highly immune to shock, vibration, acceleration and aging

  • Best-in-class stability over industrial temperature range

    : CMEMS oscillators tightly couple the MEMS resonator with the temperature sensor and compensation circuitry provide a highly reliable  ±20 ppm frequency stability over the industrial temperature range

  • Fully programmable oscillators with short lead times

    : Pin- and footprint-compatibility with existing quartz or MEMS oscillators enable a quick, easy drop-in replacement solution

  • Predictable supply chain of standard ICs

    : Today’s traditional two die solution requires expensive multi-chip modules or ceramic packages.


Learn more about CMEMS solutions

Can a single-Die MEMS Oscillator Make Your Design More Reliable?
Click to download CMEMS® Oscillator Architecture white paper

Get an overview of the latest CMEMS oscillator technology:

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