50% of our new hires are new college graduates

Career tour in October


“I’ve been a designer, a marketer, a general manager, and now CEO, and there is no company I would rather work for. If you love to learn, if you love to innovate, if you love to see the results of your efforts in the hands of customers, you’ll love it at Silicon Labs. We want you to come and work for us.”

Tyson Tuttle, CEO, Silicon Labs 

October is a busy month for students with many classes and piles of homework. Despite the busy school routine, it is still the early bird that catches the worm. During September and October, our recruitment team tours universities worldwide for 2014 internship and graduate positions. (Click to see the campus tour list).

Silicon Labs’ NCG (New College Graduate) program is a unique career opportunity for engineering students as we hire 50% of our new employees from new college graduates. The NCG program includes our global summer internship program which is held annually for college engineering students.

Why you will love our internship program:

As a Silicon Labs’ intern, you will have an experienced mentor who will guide you through both practical and in-depth engineering skills. From day one you will work closely with our engineering team and be involved in meaningful projects with real products. Since we want our interns to learn a lot through the internship program and want them to actually contribute to our success, you will be treated as a real employee as part of the team.

You will also have an opportunity to build your network with our professionals and other interns from different schools and countries. We provide various internal events for students to help them get to know each other and have a great summer with lots of good memories.

Sounds good to you? If you want to join the most skilled and energetic team, check out this careers page.

You can also take a glimpse at what it is like working at Silicon Labs:

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