Introducing EFM32 Zero Gecko microcontrollers for the Internet of Things

If you have read our press release today, you will know that we just launched the industry’s most energy friendly microcontrollers (MCUs) based on ARM Cortex-M0+. The EFM32 Zero Gecko MCU family is designed for engineers who are looking for the lowest energy consumption without compromising powerful 32-bit performance.

The Zero Gecko MCUs achieve a total of 0.9 μA standby current consumption in deep-sleep mode, including active brown-out detector, power-on-reset, RTC, and RAM retention. The MCU family also provides power saving features enabling 110 μA/MHz in active mode while running real application code and 2 μs wakeup time from standby mode. The Peripheral Reflex System (PRS) allows configurable, fast and autonomous connections between the peripherals without CPU intervention, resulting in improved system performance and reduced energy consumption.

“The Internet of Things is a huge and exciting market made possible by low-cost, battery-powered connected devices and wireless sensor nodes that sip nanoamps of energy.”

Geir Førre, Senior VP and General Manager of Silicon Labs’ microcontroller products

The Zero Gecko MCU family is ideal for Internet of Things applications as it provides the sophisticated energy management system and a unique built-in Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) support which is used for RF transmitters and transceivers in connected devices. With these features, the family can be used in a wide range of battery-powered applications such as mobile health and fitness products, smart watches, activity trackers, smart meters, security systems and wireless sensor nodes.


* The numbers in the infographic is based on public data September, 2013

If you want to learn more about the Zero Gecko family, check out this page:

You can test the Zero Gecko MCU and start saving energy now:

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