What’s inside the Misfit Shine wearable fitness tracker?

EFM32 Leopard Gecko - Misfit Shine

“Achieving extreme energy efficiency in a wearable computer like the Shine is a formidable design challenge. We needed a 32-bit embedded controller that could handle sophisticated algorithms, process and transmit lots of data, interact seamlessly with a motion-sensing accelerometer and fit within an insanely small form factor. The Leopard Gecko MCU is a perfect match for the Shine’s low-energy, data-intensive requirements, and Silicon Labs’ Simplicity Studio development tools accelerated our design team’s learning curve, meeting our critical need for fast time to market.”

– Sonny Vu, CEO and co-founder of Misfit Wearables –

What do you get when you combine an accelerometer, 12 LEDs, a CR2032 battery, Wicentric’s Bluetooth low energy software, wireless sync technology for Apple iOS devices and of course a 32-bit EFM32 Leopard Gecko MCU from Silicon Labs – all neatly packed into a sleek aerospace-grade aluminum case? You get the best looking, most energy-friendly wearable activity tracker worthy of the 2013 Red Dot design award.

Misfit Shine is the world´s most elegant physical activity monitor that users can set goals and see stats, trends, and insights through the smartphone app. Like all portable, battery-powered devices, the Shine wearable activity monitor requires extreme energy efficiency to maximize battery life. Instead of using a rechargeable battery, the Shine runs on a single, user-replaceable CR2032 lithium-ion watch battery for four months. Instead of having to recharge the device every few days, the end user simply wears the Shine and monitors his or her fitness activity daily without interruption until it is time to replace the battery.

Watch how EFM32 makes Shine greater:


Read the press release, Silicon Labs Gecko MCU keeps Misfit Shine wearable fitness tracker “Energy Friendly”

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Try the EFM32 Leopard Gecko free samples 

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