University Campus Tour for Engineering Talent

Our HR team was busy last month with a series of campus tours to recruit college talent from all over the world. For those who missed our campus tour, the Silicon Labs team in Norway sent us some pictures from their company presentation at NTNU, the Norwegian University of Science and Technology.

University Campus Tour_1

Nabla (Student Union for Physics and Mathematics) and Timini (Student Union for Nano Technology) joined the company presentation to hear about the company and the cool products that we are making.

Silicon Labs’ New College Graduate (NCG) program is a unique career opportunity for students to develop their career with us from the start of their time as college students. NCG begins with our annual internship program where students can get to know the company and learn on-site engineering skills from their mentors. We treat our internship students as our future asset and potential full-time employees, with some 50% of our new hires coming directly from new college graduates.

University Campus Tour_4

Our campus tour is not just about a recruitment event but also helping students to understand the technology behind our products. Marius, Senior Software Engineering Manager, explained an energy harvesting kit based on an EFM32 starter kit, which allows a batteryless design with natural sources. He demonstrated how the heat from his hand generates power for the kit and pointed to the slide showing that the power still runs even after removing his hand. He also lectured on Silicon Labs’ low power technology and real-life applications run by our products. If you missed Marius’ lecture, you can take a look at a series of his lectures notes on our University Program page.

University Campus Tour_3

After the company presentation, Lars (Director of Programs of MCU Products) and Daniel (Marketing Director of MCU Products) joined the gathering with students to talk closely with them and answer questions about what it is like working at Silicon Labs. They also ran a raffle in which winners could get our development kit for free. The team hoped to gain students’ interest in our technology through this event and that it would help them to understand what they will do after finishing their engineering degrees.

University Campus Tour_2

Last but not least, the team reminded the students that there are various opportunities for students at Silicon Labs. The application deadline for a summer internship in Norway is November 17th, but other internship positions in the USA and Asia will be available throughout the year.

Check out our internship program page and apply here.

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