Behind the Scenes: How does the Gecko dance?


Have you watched our latest holiday video, “How does the gecko dance?” The Silicon Labs MCU team in Norway created the video during a couple of hectic hours after lunch in early December. Let’s take a look at how the video was made in this blog post.

It was a normal Wednesday and the Silicon Labs team had no idea of what would happen to them. There had been a rumor floating around that the EFM32 Gecko team would make a parody of The Fox (What Does the Fox Say), a viral music video from Norway with more than 200 million views on YouTube. It seemed more feasible after we set up a contest asking ‘What does the gecko say?‘ on our Facebook page and received some interesting suggestions.

When the team entered the meeting room for longer than normal company meeting, there were two new guests waiting for them. One was professional dancer Therese Cleve, who have done several seasons on local “Dancing with the Stars”, and the other was Stian Nilssen from Kindergarten video production company. They briefly introduced themselves divided the team into small groups, and with no time to hesitate or grumble, each group followed Therese to the lobby and started to learn their new Gecko moves.


The Analog Design team in front of the camera and their dance teacher

The groups learned gecko dancing steps first, then hand moves, and finally they would combine both at the same time. Though our engineers can handle many tasks simultaneously, it was not easy for them to rhythmically multi-task! After much practice, the team started to enjoy the moment, and finally managed all the moves, surprising their dance teacher somewhat.


After all the groups had finished learning their parts, it was time to let our geckos work! Øyvind, Torkil, and Hanna had the roles as the three main geckos and surprised the rest of the team with great acting skills and superb lyrics memory. So now you are probably wondering how a bunch of engineers make their dancing debut and how the Gecko dances? Well, watch the video here:

As you can see, we have fun while working hard at Silicon Labs. If you want to join the team, check out our Careers page here

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