2013 Christmas donation to Aid-in-Action


Aid-in-Action local employees in Kenya

A young Norwegian woman, Anne Louise Hübert, went on a backpacking trip to Kenya in 2008. During the trip, she met many people suffering from drought and hunger, and she felt that she wanted to help them get out of poverty. She followed her heart and established a fundraising project at the age of 19 on her return to Norway. Six years have passed and Anne is now the entrepreneurial head of a non-profit organization, Aid-in-Action,  while being a full-time student in Medicine and Nutrition at the University of Oslo.

Silicon Labs’ Norwegian office has had a close relationship with Aid-in-Action since 2011 when the employees started to donate their Christmas gifts from the company to Aid-in-Action. In the first year, the donation was used for building two green houses and last year’s donation was used for installing solar panels to a local business center in Gombolo, Kenya, where people can coordinate their economic life under their own terms. You can click here to read about last year’s donation from the team.

Åslaug Tveiterås, the Senior HR Manager in Europe, explained the reason why the Silicon Labs team decided to support Aid-in-Action. “We admired the work that Aid-in-Action was doing. Their projects are sustainable for the local people. They need to take responsibility and work together with Aid-in-Action to make their life better. These are the values that we were looking for when we chose a non-profit organization to support.”

In order to keep up the good tradition, the Silicon Labs team decided to donate their 2013 Christmas gifts again to Aid-in-Action. Anne told us that it was nice to get continuous support from the team as it has been challenging to install solar panels as the cost to transport the panels from Mombasa to Gombolo and buy batteries and transformers is considerable. Though it is costly to set up the panels, Anne believes that it will pay off in the long-term as it will mean that the local people will no longer have to pay the high cost of fuel. With Silicon Labs’ donation in 2014, some solar panels will be installed to make a solar-powered water well which will be used by the local community including schools and community centers.

Two solar panels

The two solar panels ready to be installed.

If you want to support volunteer activities of Aid-in-Action, visit their homepage: http://aidinaction.com/en/businessenter/

Learn about Silicon Labs community programs: http://www.silabs.com/about/Pages/communitycom.aspx

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