Throwback Thursday: Si3220/25 Dual ProSLIC Telephony Solution

Thursday Throwback

An old brochure printed in 2002, hanging on the wall in the Silicon Labs office

What do you remember the year 2002? Some sports events like Salt Lake Winter Olympic and 2002 FIFA World Cup? Or a series of blockbuster movies such as Spider-man, The Lord of the Rings, and Harry Potter? At Silicon Labs, we introduced an ambitious voice solution called Si3220/25 Dual ProSLIC back in 2002.

The Si3220/25 Dual ProSLIC devices were designed for telephony applications with the aim of providing integrated SLIC and codec in less than 1 in^2 per channel. The low-lower CMOS IC integrated two SLICs and two codecs into one device to provide the smallest footprint, fewer components, easy-to-use, and low power consumption. In addition, on-chip functions like DTMF generation/decoding and FSK caller ID generation minimized external DSP requirements. It was an exceptional solution at that time.

Block diagram_Si3220

Si3220 Block Diagram 

The Si3200/25 devices were used for voice applications such as CO/DLC line cards, PBX/key telephone systems, and computer telephony systems. Though the devices are not recommended for new designs anymore, they helped our engineers develop next generation Dual ProSLIC devices like Si3226x. So, what do you think? Do you have any old memories of Silicon Labs products?

Learn about Silicon Labs’ latest voice solutions here.

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