Welcome to 2014 Embedded World

The Silicon Labs team will be participating at 2014 Embedded World in Nuremberg, Germany, 25th-27th Feb, at Booth A4-118 to demonstrate ultra-low-energy solutions for the Internet of Things applications. As Geir Førre (Sr. VP and GM of Silicon Labs’ microcontroller products) mentioned, the next wave of connected devices will require energy-friendly MCUs that extend battery life to months and years, wireless solutions for both mesh networking and point-to-point connectivity, and a profusion of low-cost, highly accurate sensors. To introduce the silicon solutions available today, the team has prepared a variety of demos in the areas of hardware, software, and development tools. Let’s take a look at the ultra-low power demos here!

The Internet of Things at your doorstep:

Did you know that EFM32™ Zero Gecko MCUs are the world’s lowest energy 32-bit MCUs? The Zero Gecko Cortex-M0+ offers low-energy peripherals in ultra-low-power sleep including BOD (Brown-out Detection), POR (Power-on-Reset), RTC (Real-time Clock), and RAM retention features without any additional current consumption. The MCUs can be combined with small-footprint, accurate and easy-to-use sensors to create innovative smart home, smart energy and security applications for the IoT.

Embedded Development has never been simpler:

The Simplicity Studio ™ development platform provides a unified, comprehensive ecosystem and portal for developers using Silicon Labs’ 32-bit EFM32 Gecko MCUs and 8-bit MCUs. Simplicity Studio gives you one-click access to tools, relevant documentation, software and source code libraries. Developers can also choose between a variety of IDEs, including IAR, Keil and even completely free GCC-based solutions.

The world’s most energy-friendly MCUs:

Silicon Labs provides the largest portfolio of energy friendly 32-bit MCU products for ultra-low power applications. The EFM32 ™ Gecko MCU family includes the energy efficient devices based on ARM® Cortex®-M4 with Floating Point Unit (FPU), Cortex-M3 and Cortex-M0+ processors. No other MCU vendor can match the energy efficiency of Gecko MCUs for battery-powered IoT and wearable computing applications.

Ember® ZigBee® solutions for the IoT

Connect with the leading ZigBee platform for 2.4 GHz wireless sensor networks. The combination of Silicon Labs’ Ember ZigBee wireless SoCs, EmberZNet PRO mesh networking protocol stack and powerful development tools enables developers to create IoT applications that interconnect hundreds and even thousands of devices in a single mesh network.

Power-efficient wireless MCUs for the IoT:

Si106x/8x wireless MCUs provide an energy-friendly, single-chip “MCU + transceiver” solution to address the power and space constraints of battery-operated, wirelessly connected devices. Our wireless MCUs offer a choice of cost-effective EZRadio® and high-performance EZRadioPRO® transceiver options. The smallest sub-GHz wireless MCUs available, these 5 mm x 6 mm QFN devices offer best-in-class RF sensitivity and output power.

Download the layout design guide for the Si106x/8x wireless MCUs here.

Plug-and-play wireless receiver solution:

Silicon Labs’ Si4356 EZRadio receiver provides an easy-to-use sub-GHz wireless solution for remote controls, RKE, sensor networks, security and smart homes. The Si4356 receiver combines ultra-low power (50 nA standby current) with excellent sensitivity to enable superior battery life. This small-footprint (3 mm x 3 mm) standalone receiver is easy to configure and comes with tested, ready-to-use antennas.

Learn more about Si4356 EZRadio receiver here.

If you want to see ultra-low power solution live demos, visit our Embedded World page here: http://pages.silabs.com/embeddedworld.html


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