Simplicity Studio: Embedded development has never been simpler

The Silicon Labs team was excited to announce the new version of the Simplicity Studio™ at the 2014 Embedded World trade show in Nuremberg, Germany last week. Simplicity Studio is a complimentary software suite that provides instant, one-click access to the latest software, documentation, and design tools. The new version of the Simplicity Studio supports Silicon Labs’ 32-bit EFM32™ Gecko microcontrollers (MCUs) and 8-bit MCUs.

Watch the Simplicity Studio intro video

Simplicity Studio is designed to make the development process easier, faster and more efficient by providing embedded designers with everything they need to complete their projects, from initial concept to final product.

Key features:

  • Explore Silicon Labs’ entire MCU portfolio, product options and embedded design solutions
  • Use the integrated Simplicity IDE to develop and debug firmware (The IDE supports Eclipse plugins, uses the Eclipse Debugger for C/C++, and supports Keil® and Gnu Compiler Collection (GCC) build tools.)
  • Ease development by configuring MCU pin-out and peripheral placement and by generating C-code
  • Optimize energy efficiency with real-time energy profiling and analysis tools for estimating power consumption and balancing performance and energy efficiency
  • Estimate current consumption and battery life with energyAware Battery Calculator
  • One-click access to demos, software examples, data sheets, application notes, technical support and community forums

Would you like to get started with Simplicity Studio? You can start with this tutorial video (10 min)

Want to learn more about the Simplicity Studio configurator tools? Watch the tutorial video (8 min)

Here’s another tutorial video (6 min) that you can learn about the Simplicity Studio eclipse IDE tool.

Download your free Simplicity Studio software tool here.

Do you have any technical question for us? Visit our community page here. Our team will be happy to answer your question. 

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