2014 ACE Awards finalists are announced

The 2014 Oscars may have just ended but the 2014 ACE Awards have just begun!

ACE Awards_feature

The 2014 ACE Awards, presented by EE Times and EDN, aims to honor the best of the best in today’s electronics industry, including the hottest new products, start-up companies, design teams, executives. As a leader in providing ultra-low energy solutions for embedded products, Silicon Labs had the honor to be listed as finalists in three categories. See the full 2014 ACE Awards finalists

Analog IC’s finalist – Si50x CMEMS Oscillator

The Si50x oscillators are based on Silicon Labs’ patented CMEMS® technology – the first to enable MEMS structures to be built directly on top of standard CMOS wafers in high-volume fabs, resulting in fully integrated, highly reliable monolithic “CMOS+MEMS” IC solutions. Learn More

Processors – FPGAs, MCU’s, Microprocessors, SoCs finalist – EFM32 Zero Gecko MCUs

The EFM32™ Zero Gecko MCU family based on the ARM® Cortex®-M0+ processor is designed to achieve the lowest system energy consumption for a wide range of battery-powered applications such as mobile health and fitness products, smart watches, activity trackers, smart meters, security systems and wireless sensor nodes, as well as battery-less systems powered by harvested energy. Learn More

Sensors finalist – Si701x/2x Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensors

The Si701x/2x sensor family provides a superior alternative to legacy RH sensing approaches, which use discrete resistive or capacitive RH sensing elements along with analog circuits for temperature compensation and signal conditioning. When combined with Silicon Labs’ broad portfolio of energy-friendly microcontrollers and wireless ICs, the Si701x/2x family enables best-in-class solutions for measuring, controlling and reporting environmental conditions for a wide range of connected devices linked to the Internet of Things. Learn More

Winners of the 2014 ACE Awards will be announced April 1st in San Jose and on the ACE Awards homepage.

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