Things you missed at Embedded World 2014

If you couldn’t attend  this year’s Embedded World in Germany, don’t worry! We documented things that happened behind the scenes, and our photographer took some photos of the demos that we displayed so you can see them here.


The Silicon Labs booth was still in progress with many unpacked demo boxes from all over the world when the Silicon Labs team arrived. With the aim of providing ultra-low energy solutions powering the Internet of Things (IoT), the team was excited to introduce the latest semiconductor, software and systems solutions.


The first box we opened was full of Sensor EXP demo boards. You can connect the EXP boards directly to the EFM32 Zero Gecko start kits and use this combo to demonstrate applications that include proximity and gesture while sensing temperature, humidity, ambient light, and intrusion. This is useful in smart home, smart energy and security applications. Watch the video to see how this combined solution works:


On the first day of Embedded World, the booth and team was ready to display the cool demos . As the booth became crowded with visitors interested in Silicon Labs’ ultra-low energy IoT solutions and wearable applications, Silicon Labs’ CEO,  Tyson Tuttle, took the opportunity to talk to ARM about key technologies required to make IoT applications successful here.


Some lucky visitors won some of our latest products including the BLDC motor control reference design, the sensor EVB, and the EFM32 Zero Gecko starter kit based on ARM Cortex-M0+ core. If you haven’t attended the show but want to win the development kits, here’re the links that you can try to win the free kits: C8051F850 Motor Control Reference DesignEFM32 Zero Gecko starter kit


Daniel Cooley, who is our Director of Marketing for MCU & Wireless products, talked about various applications areas and where developers can benefit from using  the EFM32 Zero Gecko family in their projects. The EFM32 Zero Gecko family is the world’s lowest energy 32-bit microcontrollers, and developers can benefit from achieving longer battery life without compromising high performance. Watch the Zero Gecko intro video by Daniel here.


We also held presentations during the show, where the participants would learn the latest news from the Silicon Labs tutors. Both sessions,  “Energy Harvesting Solutions for the IoT and Remote Wireless Sensors,” and “Low Power and RF technologies paving the way for the growth of Internet of Things applications.”,  were packed with developers looking for ways to design batteryless applications and opportunities to create more efficient IoT solutions. Both presentations are now available for you to download here.


Is it possible to get brushless motors spinning in less than 5 minutes? Yes, and it’s actually easy to do it with the C8051F850 BLDC motor control reference design. The reference design makes the developer’s job easier by providing cost-effective hardware and production-quality firmware for quick evaluation and deployment in cost-sensitive BLDC applications. Do you want to learn more about the motor control reference design? Here’s the webinar video you can take a look.


Ember ZigBee SoCs provide a key enabling wireless technology for the Internet of Things with numerous applications in smart energy, home automation, connected lighting and security.” said Geir Førre, our Sr. VP and GM of MCU and wireless products. Do you want to be a part of the $11 billion smart home industry? New ARM®-Based EM358x SoC Family Provides Larger Memory Options for Advanced Smart Energy and Home Automation Applications. Learn more about our ZigBee wireless home automation solutions here.


The biggest news during the show was Silicon Labs’ new Simplicity Studio development tool. We designed Simplicity Studio with embedded engineer’s workflow in mind. This means that you can simplify the development phases with a rich toolset and a new IDE that support both 32-bit and 8-bit embedded designs.

Andy from ARM visited our booth and made an interview with Evan, our Product Marketing Manager, to learn more about the new simple-to-use platform. Watch the video to see the overview of the Simplicity Studio:

Did you enjoy the behind the scenes and the demos from our booth at the show? It’s not all this is about. We have some videos from the show with Silicon Labs’ expert engineers. So please stay tuned to our blog!

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