Silicon Labs joins Ada’s career network for female engineering students

Is engineering a male-dominated field? We had some young and ambitious female student visitors who will drive the future engineering world in the office. 


The students were first year female students completing a Masters in Electronics and Cybernetics, all from the Ada Project for female engineering students at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU). Project Ada was initiated to help female engineering students build a career network with companies in the area of electronics and cybernetics and assisting them to find areas of interest within their future careers.

After a brief introduction about what Silicon Labs do in the embedded world, the students had a chance to examine EFM32 microcontroller (MCU) starter kits. The EFM32 MCU was a good example for the students to actually see how Silicon Labs’ technology works in real-life applications, in this instance, reducing energy consumption using optimized energy modes.


The students also learned about Silicon Labs’ new Simplicity Studio software platform, designed for simplifying application development. Developers who use the Simplicity Studio tool can benefit from its real-time energy profiling, analytics tools and software examples. It is much more fun when you can actually run a demo and see the result as opposed to reading a textbook!


Ada students having a lunch with Torkil (Sr. Manager Validation Engineering) and Lars (Sr. Director of Simplicity) 

The Ada Project’s company visit did not only entail taking part in workshops, but also included valuable conversations with professional engineers about their projects and their working environment. The Silicon Labs team hopes to maintain a relationship with the Ada Project to assist them in career development and to see more female engineers in the engineering world.

Are you interested in Silicon Labs’ students programs? We’re hiring summer interns and new college graduates for part-time and full-time positions. Send us your information to to join one of the most energetic and skillful teams working in the semiconductor industry. 

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