Streamax Picks CMEMS for Four Good Reasons

Do you need a highly reliable oscillator? Guaranteed performance for 10 years? Do you want it for a low price? Check out the latest CMEMS oscillator technology from Silicon Labs.


Selected Streamax products with CMEMS® oscillators inside:

Streamax products with CMEMS

Streamax makes products for all walks of life, used both inside and outside in the freezing cold or burning sun. Silicon Labs’ CMEMS oscillators are a perfect fit for our products since they are more reliable than other comparable solutions, and typically more economical too. With CMEMS oscillators, we never have to fear failures from temperature, long-term aging or shock and vibration.”

– Zhengming Cao, Chief R&D Manager at Streamax – 

Streamax specializes in indoor/outdoor video surveillance solutions. They are adopting CMEMS technology in their products because of its low cost point, fast and easy samples, guaranteed 10-year operating lifetime, and its reliability. Let’s take a closer look at these four reasons why CMEMS is a good fit for Streamax’s products.

Streamax designs surveillance and Digital Video Recorder (DVR) solutions deployed in worldwide projects including the Beijing Olympics. The products are deployed across wide geographic applications, such as public transportation (railway and metro), logistics management, and mobile media. The last thing Streamax’s customers want is a failed surveillance system—especially due to an inexpensive timing component. It’s easy to see why CMEMS technology’s reliability against shock and vibration, and its 10-year performance guarantee are perfect fits.

The next challenge Streamax products face is a wide operating temperature range as cameras mounted on buildings and vehicles move in and out of sunlight or inclement weather. CMEMS oscillators are nearly immune to temperature changes, which means the Streamax products never miss a timing beat due to temperature.

Last, but maybe most important, Streamax product development is never held up waiting for an oscillator sample. Why? CMEMS oscillators can be fully customized and programmed for immediate samples right in the Streamax lab using the field programming board – Si50X-FPB1-CUST. And when the right oscillator configuration is determined, large scale sample orders show up in less than two weeks.

CMEMS parts are packaged in industry-standard footprint 4-pin packages. This means that Streamax can benefit from CMEMS technology’s cost effectiveness and high reliability even on products that are in production.

Streamax is adopting CMEMS now across many products and applications where the technology fits.

To learn more about CMEMS technology, watch this short video: 

Find out why CMEMS is superior to existing quartz or MEMS oscillators here.

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