Silicon Labs wins 2014 ACE Award for humidity sensors

EETimes and EDN 2014 UBM Tech ACE Awards were held last night in San Jose, CA, to connect the electronics engineering community and honor engineers and companies that contributed to changing the world. Much like the Oscars, it is an honor to be listed as a finalist in the ACE Awards. You could read in our blog post, “2014 ACE Awards finalists are announced,” last month that three of our products were nominated in the Ultimate Product categories. No wonder the Silicon Labs team was exited to get the final results on April 1st.


A small group from the Silicon Labs representing Timing, MCU/wireless and marketing communications attended the ceremony. And finally the time came where the winner for the best sensor product of the year was announced.

“The winner of 2014 ACE Awards winner for sensors is Silicon Labs Si701x/2x humidity and temperature sensors.”

As Mike Petrowski, our VP and General Manager of Timing products, reached the stage to receive the the trophy, it was clear that the Si701x/2x family was recognized as the industry’s best-in-class single-chip RH/temperature sensing solution.


Silicon Labs’ Si701x/2x RH sensors combine a standard CMOS mixed-signal IC with a proven technique for measuring humidity using a polymer dielectric film. The Si701x/2x sensors enable accurate, easy-to-deploy RH sensing for home automation, HVAC/refrigeration, healthcare, remote monitoring, automotive and industrial equipment. Compared to legacy discrete RH sensing approaches, the single-chip Si701x/2x sensors are easy to use while reducing manufacturing cost and complexity. The Si701x/2x sensors have the lowest power consumption in the integrated humidity sensor market.

Watch the video to learn more: 

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