Internet of Things Keynote #1: Key Industry Trends

The blog post is based on an Internet of Things (IoT) keynote presented by Tyson Tuttle, CEO of Silicon Labs, at 2014 IIC CEO Summit in Shanghai under the title of “How the IoT Will Change Our World.” At the summit, Tyson introduced Silicon Labs’ broad portfolio of energy-friendly solutions for IoT applications and how IoT will impact embedded designers and a wide range of markets, from consumer to industrial. 


Over the past few years, Silicon Labs has focused product development efforts around three primary macro-trends in the economy.

The first trend is the Internet of Things or “IoT.” This is really the next generation of energy-friendly connected devices transforming the economy and the way we live. And this is the subject of our talk today, how the Internet of Things will change the world.

quote-11The second macro-trend is the continuing global demand for energy, including energy from green renewable sources, and the need to reduce energy consumption to improve our economies and enhance our quality of life. Another related trend is the need to reduce energy consumption at the device level. Minimizing the energy consumption of our connected devices will enhance functionality and improve the cost of ownership of these devices by extending battery life and even enabling the use of harvested energy sources. There’s a huge focus within Silicon Labs to develop energy-friendly technologies and products, in particular, for the connected devices that comprise the Internet of Things.

The third macro-trend is the enormous demand for Internet bandwidth, and this demand is driving investment in network equipment, cloud computing and wireless infrastructure. Bandwidth
expansion began in earnest with the explosive growth of the Internet in the early 90s and has continued to rise exponentially with the ubiquitous use of smartphones, the demand for streaming video services like Netflix in the United States, and the global expansion of social media such as Facebook, twitter and Weibo.


Continue to read the keynote – Internet of Things Keynote #2: What is the Internet of Things?

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