3 Reasons why Kopin uses CMEMS oscillators for its wearable headset

CMEMS Saves Kopin Money, Improves Product Flexibility and Durability.


Kopin Corporation makes innovative wearable technology for consumers, industrial applications, and the armed services. Many of their products rely on low power, small size, and durability to address their customers’ needs for small designs that might get knocked around, but must continue to perform. Silicon Labs’ CMEMS technology is a perfect fit for these applications.

Kopin display product class with CMEMS inside.

By using Silicon Labs’ CMEMS oscillators, Kopin’s products are more robust across varying temperatures and environments with high shock or vibration. And with a 10-year guarantee, the CMEMS oscillators are sure to operate reliably for the long run.

Watch ‘Getting Started with CMEMS’ video: 

Best of all, the CMEMS benefits do not cost Kopin any more money than a traditional crystal oscillator. The CMEMS devices drop right into Kopin’s existing oscillator footprint, offering better stability over temperature and longer guaranteed operating life, at the same or less cost.

Tim Hogan, Senior Systems Engineer for Kopin Corp says, “Silicon Labs’ CMEMS products are small and durable, but have other features that make them an even better fit for Kopin. Their ability to take any supply voltage between 1.71V and 3.63V means we only have to stock one part for multiple designs. Additionally, their low-power mode makes them very competitive with other solutions we have used.”

CMEMS brings meaningful value to Kopin at the same or lower cost point than their current solutions.

Sound interesting? Check out CMEMS here.

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