EFM32 Rocks: Teenage Engineering unveils new Gecko powered portable synthesizer


(Source: createdigitalmusic.com)

Interested in a handheld drum machine that you can simply take out of your pocket when you need some decent beats? Well, then you might want to check out Teenage Engineering’s new synthesizer powered by the rocking EFM32 microcontroller.

The new Teenage Engineering (TE) synth prototype board was revealed by photographer and electronic musician, Robert Pluma, during Moogfest’s ‘Future of Music’ talk. Robert said “I wasn’t taking notes so I would suggest confirming details with TE, but from what I recall it … has a spring-loaded stand which doubles as a pitch bender when pressure is applied, includes 23 switches and two knobs (not sure if they’re rotary encoders or potentiometers), and has a built-in hang tab for retail display.” (source: synthtopia.com)


Robert, holding the new PO-12 synth and the existing OP-1 model (source: synthtopia.com)

As you can see, the size of the board is just slightly larger than a smartphone and the synth has the ability to play different predefined genres such as hip-hop, disco, and techno. “The sounds will be synthesized with custom synth engines for every drum sound optimized for use with two knobs” said Jesper, the CEO of Teenage Engineering (source). The synthesizer is expected to be available later this summer with a price tag targeting $50. If you´re interested in the latest in portable synthesizers, visit Teenage Engineer’s homepage for their official release announcement.

Another musical project using the EFM32 Gecko with 32-bit ARM Cortex-M3 processor is the “Optical Theremin” made by members of the EFM32 Team. Part of the Hack-A-Gecko projects, the Theremin is played without touching the EFM32 Gecko Starter Kit, and you can read more about it and watch the video on the community pages here.

Wondering why does the EFM32 rock? Find out more about the 32-bit EFM32 microcontrollers here.

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