Internet of Things Keynote #6: The IoT Is Here Today – Smart Homes

The blog post is based on the keynote presented by Tyson Tuttle, CEO of Silicon Labs, at 2014 IIC CEO Summit in Shanghai under the title of “How the IoT Will Change Our World.” At the summit, Tyson introduced Silicon Labs’ broad portfolio of low power solutions for Internet of Things (IoT) applications and how IoT will impact embedded designers and consumer markets. 

Connected homes

The next example of the Internet of Things that is being enabled out by utility, telecommunications and security companies around the world is the smart home.

We are seeing a rapid rise of connected devices in the home to help us monitor and minimize energy usage. For instance, the Nest thermostat enables autonomous, intelligent monitoring and control of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems in the home, helping users reduce their utility bills through more efficient energy usage.

In addition to climate control and energy monitoring, smart home capabilities include fire and carbon monoxide detection, security and motion monitoring, remote access control, intelligent lighting control, and smart appliances such as wirelessly connected washing machines or refrigerators capable of alerting consumers to maintenance issues.

The possibilities for smart home innovations are endless. Enhancing resource utilization within our homes will help reduce costs, make things more convenient and improve the quality of our lives.

Silicon Labs supplies many of the chips used in connected home applications. In fact, more than 15% of Silicon Labs’ revenue last year came from applications in the area of smart home and smart energy.

We are seeing a broad proliferation of wirelessly connected devices being deployed in the home – often by end users — replacing many of the previously wired “things” such as smart thermostats and security sensor nodes.

Thanks to the IoT, we can now take all the data from these different types of smart home devices, and make it available to users to monitor and control through smartphones.

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