Internet of Things on-demand webinar

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn how to use Silicon Labs’ Internet of Things (IoT) solutions in your next design! 


The technologies required to enable the IoT vary somewhat for each different type of connected device application, however, fundamentally the technologies come down to sensing, actuation, processing and wireless connectivity.

Silicon Labs’ microcontrollers and sensors are ideal for Internet of Things applications. These IoT applications sense their surroundings for long periods of time without external power and operator intervention. This webinar covers how the EFM32® family of Cortex-M devices consumes the lowest energy while sensing Relative Humidity, Temperature, UV light and gestures.

By attending this webinar, you will learn how to add relative humidity and temperature sensors to your design by using the sensor expansion card for EFM32™ Zero Gecko starter kit. The sensor expansion card plugs directly into the expansion header of the EFM32 Zero Gecko starter kit and is fully supported in Simplicity Studio for fast prototyping and development of proximity, 3D gesture and ultraviolet sensing capabilities.


  • 5 min: Introduction
  • 20 min: Technical Detail Track: Sensor expansion board card for EFM32™ Zero Gecko starter kit demo
  • 20 min: Silicon Labs value to IoT developers
  • 5 min: Q&As


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