Internet of Things Keynote #10: The IoT Is Here Today – Smart Cities

This blog post is based on the keynote presented by Tyson Tuttle, CEO of Silicon Labs, at 2014 IIC CEO Summit in Shanghai under the title of “How the IoT Will Change Our World.” At the summit, Tyson introduced Silicon Labs’ broad portfolio of low power solutions for Internet of Things (IoT) applications and how IoT will impact embedded designers and consumer markets. 

Smart Cities

The smart city is another exciting application area for the Internet of Things. We already see many different types of devices and capabilities connected over the Internet in our cities such as traffic signals, video cameras for traffic monitoring and other transportation systems.

A smart parking system, for example, will enable you to quickly determine where to park your car through a smart phone app.

Many cities have deployed wireless sensor networks to monitor bridges, roadways, city lighting and other urban infrastructure to help make cities safer and more functionally efficient.

We have already discussed resource utilization and smart energy, which are central to the concept of the smart city. Electric utilities, water supplies, trash pick-up, and recycling can all be automated in ways to reduce cost and make our lives easier, safer and more convenient in increasingly crowded and complex urban areas.

Clearly, making our cities smarter will have a very, very big impact – in Singapore and every other major city in Asia and around the world.

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