2014 Silicon Labs Summer Internship Kickoff


2014 summer interns in the Oslo office

When the spring semester ends, interns come to our offices around the world to spend their summer with Silicon Labs’ skilled teams and work on exciting projects. Our interns not only have a chance to learn new skills and knowledge but also be involved in real projects. They meet professional engineers in the embedded systems industry and students from other universities and regions. Let’s take a look at how our interns kicked off the first week of their internships.


Students learning about Silicon Labs’ 8-bit and 32-bit microcontroller families during a “Lunch and Learn” session 

During a company introduction session, Silicon Labs’ engineers presented our development kits and how they are used to design smart electronic devices and wearables. Students also met their mentors who will help them adjust to the working environment so as to share their interests and expectations through the internship.


Students playing with the EFM32 microcontroller starter kit connected to Simplicity Studio software

As our interns are expected to work on key projects as part of a team, they are encouraged to use actual development tools and products. Over the first week, they had a hands-on training session to learn how to run software programs and play with our development kits. By using the Simplicity Studio development platform, they could check the energy consumption status whenever they tweak a low energy peripheral option.


Students on a “duck tour,” which takes them on a ride on both land and water


Our Austin interns, many of which were new to the city, went on a “duck” tour so that they could see the city from land as well as water. The sightseeing tour was a good opportunity to get to know the city and share useful information with other students who just moved to Austin for the next three months. Although it rained during the tour, this didn’t stop the interns from enjoying it!


Intern program alumni shared their knowledge and experiences as former interns turned current employees

At Silicon Labs, the interns can find their alumni easily in the office as we recruit 50% of new hires from colleges and universities through the Silicon Labs’ New College Graduate (NCG) program. Therefore, we treat our interns as potential long-term employees and train them to be strong performers. As a matter of fact, a few of our management members also started working as interns and have built their careers at Silicon Labs.

Are you interested in joining our team? Check out our intern and new college graduate employment opportunities here: http://ow.ly/ya5CY

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