Internet of Things Keynote #12: The IoT from Things to Big Data

The blog post is based on the keynote presented by Tyson Tuttle, CEO of Silicon Labs, at 2014 IIC CEO Summit in Shanghai under the title of “How the IoT Will Change Our World.” At the summit, Tyson introduced Silicon Labs’ broad portfolio of low power solutions for Internet of Things (IoT) applications and how IoT will impact embedded designers and consumer markets. 

The IoT from Things to Big Data

From connected things to “big data” and the cloud, the Internet of Things ecosystem is very complex and has multiple interconnected layers.

At the bottom of this chart you can see all of the connected “things” – wireless sensor nodes, home automation systems, security devices and wearables.

On the enterprise side, there are sensor networks for building and industrial automation and smart factories. These devices are connected through Wi-Fi, cellular, ZigBee, Bluetooth and other wireless connectivity technologies, and the data finds its way through the Internet to the cloud, to data centers and storage networks and then to apps and services for end users … and ultimately back down to the connected devices again.

The IoT involves a lot of analytics in terms of big data — taking all of the different points of data coming from the billions of connected “things” and doing something very useful with this information, such as tracking energy consumption patterns in a factory or for the smart grid.

Connected devices for the IoT will be very numerous and will generate a lot of data. So one of the challenges for the IoT is to connect all of these different points of intelligence in a way that is very useful and meaningful for individual users, companies, utilities, city planners and governments.

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