Silicon Labs ranked as fifth most innovative company by CNBC


What does Silicon Labs have in common with tech industry giants like Amazon, AMD and SanDisk? An obsessive commitment to research and development, and a spot in the top ten of CNBC’s R&D All-Stars rankings. You can read more about the methodology, but the gist is that Silicon Labs devotes more than a quarter of its revenue to R&D, and expects to see an excellent return on that investment in the year to come. 

While we’re thrilled to be at number five on this list, we’re even more excited about the fruits of all that innovation. CNBC points out that the biggest beneficiaries of R&D spending are, ultimately, the shareholders, Silicon Labs sees it a bit differently. To us, you’re the beneficiary. Our constant striving for excellence in design has led to some big wins recently:

While these and other innovations are undoubtedly good for business, they’re even better for you. Your designs take flight faster and with greater agility than ever before. That’s the measure of innovation to us. If you’d like to read more about the “R&D elite,” you can check out the full list at CNBC.

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