How to Build Your Clock Trees … Like a Pro and on the Go

We’ve heard it all before:

“I’m facing a really tough clock-tree design challenge. Can I simplify?”

“Jitter performance is critical for my application, but I’m not a PLL guru.”

“My project schedule is very tight, but I don’t have time to verify clock performance.”

“I need custom, factory-programmed clock samples – now!”

We have the answer: ClockBuilder Pro.

cbp_blogWith our new ClockBuilder Pro software, clock configuration and clock tree design has never been easier. Simply download ClockBuilder Pro software to your PC and begin configuring sophisticated clock devices within minutes. Our intuitive, menu-driven software incorporates more than 150 engineer-years of Silicon Labs’ timing technology and applications expertise.

We introduced ClockBuilder Pro in concert with the launch of our new Si534x family of high-performance clock generators and multi-PLL jitter attenuators. This new “clock-tree-on-a-chip” family offers the industry’s best jitter performance (less than 100 fs) and provides the frequency flexibility and high level of integration you need to simplify your complex timing designs and clock trees.

ClockBuilder Pro enables you to verify your clock configuration on an Si534x evaluation board by using a sophisticated frequency planning algorithm that yields lower jitter than ever before. ClockBuilder Pro also allows you to generate customized part numbers in minutes so that you can get custom, pre-programmed samples delivered within two weeks.

We’ve also created a version of ClockBuilder Pro to work on your iOS device called ClockBuilder Go. Using this new app, you can verify a frequency plan in less than a couple of minutes, jump-start your design and get your product to the market quicker. The ClockBuilder Go workflow takes no more than a few minutes, and once you validate your plan, you can email it to your PC and then take over the task with ClockBuilder Pro. It’s that fast and simple.

At Silicon Labs, we’re here to help make timing simpler, faster and more efficient with the release of ClockBuilder Pro software.

To learn more and see ClockBuilder Pro in action, check out our video demo.



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